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Welcome to project POZIX

The project POZIX is a neutral platform for internet traffic exchange dedicated to domestic and foreign organizations dealing with provision of internet access (ISP) and internet content providers.

The mission of the project pozix.pl is to provide the opportunity of IP traffic exchange between networks of all connected organizations regardless of the scale of their activity – current participants are both local services providers as well as international companies representing the Internet industry.

The second main principle guiding the project is nonclassification of the traffic because of its character – current participants exchange commercial and educational traffic as well as the traffic from public institutions.

The project is historically linked with the city of Poznan and currently has points of presence in Warsaw with scheduled locations in Cracow and Szczecin.

The project launched content delivery nodes of the following companies:

Akamai Technologies – thanks to this CDN the project participants can use Akamai Technologies network providing very fast access to Internet resources of the companies such as: Adobe, Apple, BMW, Ebay, Microsoft, Symantec and many more.

Google Global Cache – thanks to this CDN the project participants can use Google Inc. resources with very fast access to the following websites: YouTube, Google Maps, Google Earth; Chrome, ChromeOS and Android updates.

The main node of POZIX is located in the building of Poznan University of Economics in No 16 Powstańców Wielkopolskich street in Poznan/Poland.

Access nodes are located in following locations:

No 17 Bułgarska street, Poznań – City Stadium

No 30 Karpia street, Poznań – DC Talex

No 17/19 Wieniawskiego street, Poznań – DC PSNC

No 65/70 Aleje Jerozolimskie, Warsaw – Centrum LIM

The access to POZIX is possible through the networks of domestic companies such as:

ATM, Exatel, GTS, Hawe, Netia, Orange, Pionier, TK  Telekom.

We invite you to contact us at the address: info@pozix.pl


New participant at Pozix – Facebook
June 11th 2018

On June 11th 2018 to POZIX joined new participant – Facebook (AS32934).

Upgrade of Akamai Networks cache at POZIX
June 6th 2018

On June 6th 2018 we completed the upgrade of Akamai Networks cache node at POZIX. Current Akamai node capacity is 80Gbps.

New participant at Pozix – Trecom Poznan
April 3rd 2018

On April 3rd 2018 to POZIX joined new participant –  Trecom Poznan (AS204447).

New participant at Pozix – Neteter
April 1st 2018

On Aprli 1st 2018 to POZIX joined new participant –  Neteter (AS204766).

New participant at Pozix – Pentesters
December 7th 2017

On December 7th 2017 to POZIX joined new participant –  Pentesters (AS196872).

New participant at Pozix – Skyware
October 27th 2017

On October 27th 2017 to POZIX joined new participant –  Skyware (AS42673).

New participant at Pozix – ViaVox
September 1st 2017

On September 1st 2017 to POZIX joined new participant –  ViaVox (AS198038).

New participant at Pozix – SPTELEK
August 7th 2017

On August 7th 2017 to POZIX joined new participant –  SPTELEK (AS197503).

New participant at Pozix – GLS Poland
May 30th 2017

On May 30th 2017 to POZIX joined new participant –  GLS Poland (AS48690).

New participant at Pozix – LuboNet
April 7th 2017

On April 7th 2017 to POZIX joined new participant –  LuboNet (AS201504).

New participant at Pozix – Solar
April 1st 2017

On April 1st 2017 to POZIX joined new participant –  Solar (AS201307).

Upgrade of Akamai Networks cache at POZIX
March 30th 2017

On June March 30th 2017 we completed the upgrade of Akamai Networks cache node at POZIX. Current Akamai node capacity is 36Gbps.

New participant at Pozix – BDINet
June 15th 2017

On June 15th 2017 to POZIX joined new participant –  BDINet (AS196891).

New participant at Pozix – Vectra
April 6th 2016

On April 6th 2016 to POZIX joined new participant –  Vectra (AS29314).

New participant at Pozix – Emitel
March 1st 2016

On March 1st 2016 to POZIX joined new participant –  Emitel (AS197064).

Upgrade of interconnect Pozix – Netia
February 22nd 2016

On February 22nd 2016 we completed upgrade of interconnect between POZIX and network of Netia S.A. with another 10G port.

The current capacity of this interconnect is 20Gbps

Welcome to POZIX – PIX changes the brand
October 19th 2015

Dear Users

In relation to the development of the project PIX and the Warsaw node launch as well as plans of next nodes launch in other cities in Poland, since October 19th 2015 we have changed the project’s name.

The new brand – POZIX gains a dedicated logo and reflects in our belief the values that accompanied us at the moment of the foundation of our Internet exchange point in 2005.


We feel historically associated with the city of Poznan and at the same time we continue operating the IP traffic exchange point based on positive relations with all, frequently competing with each other, participants of the Internet market.

We assume that thanks to POZIX infrastructure and our efforts in result gain all – both internet access providers, content providers and end users as well.

Thank you for your trust we have enjoyed for the last 10 years. We hope that our efforts aiming to gain the highest possible amount of project participants will be appreciated and will let us continue our cooperation.

At the same time we inform that the following email addresses were activated:

info@pozix.pl – main contact address; here we ask you to post all administrative and organisational issues regarding POZIX

noc@pozix.pl – network operations centre; here we ask you to post all technical and maintenance issues regarding POZIX

Hoping for further fruitful cooperation.

Kind regards

Piotr Szałamacha
Horyzont Technologie Internetowe sp. z o.o.

POZIX participants

In the project POZIX  the following autonomous systems are currently present:

Aerostrada – http://www.aerostrada.pl – ASN 48947

AirCity – http://www.aircity.pl – ASN 57643

Amica Wronki – http://www.amica.pl – ASN 62050

Anixe – http://www.anixe.pl – ASN 28732

Atrium PC – http://www.atrium-pc.pl – ASN 197031

Aquanet – http://www.aquanet.pl – ASN 31540

Bank Zachodni WBK – http://www.centrum24.pl – ASN 25410

Beyond.pl – http://www.beyond.pl – ASN 31229

BDINET TYLSKI spolka jawna – https://bdi.net.pl/ – ASN 196891

Biznes-Host – http://www.biznes-host.pl – ASN 198414

Business Consulting Center – http://www.bcc.com.pl – ASN 20889, ASN 201169

CK Partnet – http://www.ckpartnet.pl – ASN 199250

Currency One S.A. – http://currency-one.com – ASN 25154

DTnet Adam Tarkowski Aneta Wyrwas s.c. – http://dtnet.com.pl – ASN 207033

East & West – http://www.eastwest.com.pl – ASN 43118

Echostar – http://www.echostar.pl – ASN 8477

ElartNet – http://www.elartnet.pl – ASN 34844

Emitel – http://www.emitel.pl – AS197064

Enea – http://www.enea.pl – ASN 57569

Epix – http://www.epix.pl – ASN 50607

Espol – http://www.espol.pl – ASN 31304

Evio – http://www.evio.pl – ASN 57665

Exatel – http://www.exatel.pl – ASN 20804

Facebook, Inc. – http://facebook.com – ASN 32934

General Logistics Systems Poland Sp. z o.o. – http://gls-poland.com – ASN 48690

Gminne Centrum Informatyczne Suchy Las – http://gci.suchylas.pl – ASN 197645

Google – http://www.google.com – ASN 15169

Grupa Allegro – http://www.allegro.pl – ASN 31621

Grupa Onet – http://www.onet.pl – ASN 12990, ASN 30876

GTS Energis – http://www.gtsenergis.pl – ASN 8246

HaweTelekom – http://www.hawetelekom.pl – ASN 42739

Horyzont Technologie Internetowe – http://www.horyzont.net – ASN 20552

Hurricane Electric – http://www.he.net – ASN 6939

Inea – http://www.inea.pl – ASN 13110

Itelligence – http://www.itelligence.pl – ASN 24740

IzaCom – http://www.izacom.pl – ASN 42986

ITCS – AS31729

ITV MEDIA Sp. z o.o. – https://itvmedia.pl/ – ASN 50411

Jessa – http://yesnet.pl – ASN 198023

Komster – http://www.komster.pl – ASN 44033

Komputronik – http://www.komputronik.pl – ASN 41618

Korbank WRIX – http://www.korbank.pl – ASN 21132

Lisner – http://www.lisner.pl – ASN 43695

LuboNet sp z o o – http://lubonet.com/ – ASN 201504

Maverick – http://www.maverick.com.pl – ASN 34688

Metroport – http://www.metroport.pl – AS197091

Multinet24 – http://www.multinet24.pl – ASN 197099

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie – http://www.mtp.pl – ASN 31129

Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia oddział w Poznaniu – http://www.nfz-poznan.pl – ASN 29501

Neter – http://www.neter.pl – ASN 41835

NETeter s.c. – http://neteter.pl/ – ASN ASN 204766

Netia – http://www.netia.pl – ASN 12741

NETonSKY – http://www.netonsky.pl – ASN 197294

Net4Me – http://www.net4me.pl – ASN 197844

Nitronet – http://www.nitronet.pl – ASN 39310

Oxylion – http://www.oxylion.pl – AS58321

P4 Sp. z o.o.- http://playmobile.pl – ASN 201019

Pentesters – https://www.pentesters.pl/ – ASN 196872

PPHU POKAL – http://robnet.pl – ASN 206559

Polkomtel – http://www.plus.pl – ASN 8374

Poznańskie Centrum Superkomputerowo – Sieciowe (sieć POZMAN) – http://www.man.poznan.pl – ASN 9112, ASN 8364

Press Service – http://psmm.pl – AS198865

Roni – http://www.optronet.pl – ASN 199891

ServCom – http://www.serv-net.pl/ – ASN 41256

Skyware Sp. z o.o. – http://skyware.pl – ASN 42673

Solar – http://www.solar-company.com.pl – AS201307

Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa w Nowym Tomyślu – http://smnt.pl – AS197892

Sptelek Sp. z o.o. – http://sptelek.com.pl – ASN 197503

Stowarzyszenie e-Poludnie – http://www.e-poludnie.pl – AS201054

Systemia – http://www.systemia.pl – ASN 15969

Talex – http://www.talex.pl – ASN 39599

Tami – http://www.tami.pl – ASN 29620

Telewizja Polska – http://www.tvp.plASN 25506

TK Telekom – http://www.tktelekom.pl – ASN 20960

TRECOM Poznan Sp. z o.o. – https://trecom.pl/ – ASN 204447

T-Mobile – http://www.t-mobile.pl – ASN 12912, ASN 5588

RakoLan – http://www.rakolan.pl – ASN 197721

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Wielkopolskiego – http://www.umww.pl – ASN 196887

Vectra – http://www.vectra.pl – AS29314

Virtuaoperator Sp. z o.o. – http://www.virtuaoperator.pl/ – ASN 50606

Winogradzka Telewizja Kablowa – http://www.wtvk.pl – ASN 197227

ViaVox – http://www.viavox.pl – ASN 198038

ZETO Poznań – http://www.zeto.com.pl – ASN 49822, ASN 201655

Technical documentation

On this page we present set of technical recommendations for POZIX participants.

1. Suggested parameters of interfaces in POZIX.

### Linux

net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter = 0
net.ipv4.conf.default.arp_filter = 1
net.ipv4.conf.default.arp_announce = 1
net.ipv4.conf.default.arp_ignore = 1

### Router Cisco

Router# configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
Router(config)# interface ethernet 0
Router(config-if)# no ip proxy-arp
Router(config-if)# no ip directed-broadcast
Router(config-if)# ^Z

### Documentation ###

# Linux

rp_filter – INTEGER
0 – No source validation.
1 – Strict mode as defined in RFC3704 Strict Reverse Path Each incoming packet is tested against the FIB and if the interface is not the best reverse path the packet check will fail. By default failed packets are discarded.
2 – Loose mode as defined in RFC3704 Loose Reverse Path Each incoming packet’s source address is also tested against the FIB and if the source address is not reachable via any interface the packet check will fail.

Current recommended practice in RFC3704 is to enable strict mode to prevent IP spoofing from DDos attacks. If using asymmetric routing or other complicated routing, then loose mode is recommended.

The max value from conf/{all,interface}/rp_filter is used when doing source validation on the {interface}.

Default value is 0. Note that some distributions enable it in startup scripts.

arp_filter – BOOLEAN
1 – Allows you to have multiple network interfaces on the same subnet, and have the ARPs for each interface be answered based on whether or not the kernel would route a packet from the ARP’d IP out that interface (therefore you must use source based routing for this to work). In other words it allows control of which cards (usually 1) will respond to an arp request.

0 – (default) The kernel can respond to arp requests with addresses from other interfaces. This may seem wrong but it usually makes sense, because it increases the chance of successful communication. IP addresses are owned by the complete host on Linux, not by particular interfaces. Only for more complex setups like load-balancing, does this behaviour cause problems.

arp_filter for the interface will be enabled if at least one of conf/{all,interface}/arp_filter is set to TRUE,
it will be disabled otherwise

arp_announce – INTEGER
Define different restriction levels for announcing the local source IP address from IP packets in ARP requests sent on interface:
0 – (default) Use any local address, configured on any interface
1 – Try to avoid local addresses that are not in the target’s subnet for this interface. This mode is useful when target hosts reachable via this interface require the source IP address in ARP requests to be part of their logical network configured on the receiving interface. When we generate the request we will check all our subnets that include the target IP and will preserve the source address if it is from such subnet. If there is no such subnet we select source address according to the rules for level 2.
2 – Always use the best local address for this target. In this mode we ignore the source address in the IP packet
and try to select local address that we prefer for talks with the target host. Such local address is selected by looking for primary IP addresses on all our subnets on the outgoing interface that include the target IP address. If no suitable local address is found we select the first local address we have on the outgoing interface or on all other interfaces, with the hope we will receive reply for our request and even sometimes no matter the source IP address we announce.

The max value from conf/{all,interface}/arp_announce is used.

Increasing the restriction level gives more chance for receiving answer from the resolved target while decreasing
the level announces more valid sender’s information.

arp_ignore – INTEGER
Define different modes for sending replies in response to received ARP requests that resolve local target IP addresses:
0 – (default): reply for any local target IP address, configured on any interface
1 – reply only if the target IP address is local address configured on the incoming interface
2 – reply only if the target IP address is local address configured on the incoming interface and both with the
sender’s IP address are part from same subnet on this interface
3 – do not reply for local addresses configured with scope host, only resolutions for global and link addresses are replied
4-7 – reserved
8 – do not reply for all local addresses

The max value from conf/{all,interface}/arp_ignore is used when ARP request is received on the {interface}

# Cisco


Websites of other Internet exchange points in Poland:









Network software for ASN traffic analysis:




The operator of POZIX is:

Horyzont Technologie Internetowe sp. z o.o.
ul. Bułgarska 17
60-320 Poznań
tel. + 48 61 858 22 55
fax + 48 61 858 22 56

Administrative issues:


Network Operations Centre: